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Hello, welcome to the Power Of One/Leila's World Music Catalog.  I am honored to have the opportunity to help bring your special creative project to life.   The following represents a special, curated sampling of music from our extensive song catalog. These represent a variety of styles but most importantly, they were hand selected for their ability to invoke emotion...be evocative and take the viewer on a sonic journey that compliments your vision.  As a fellow creative kindred spirit, I understand the importance of your creative project and that there is not a one size fits all approach therefore, no project is too small.  This includes a simple youtube video, a small indie film, short or documentary...you are more than welcome to contact with any inquiry or special needs.

Our music has appeared on every major network and licensed for use in numerous film and television projects oftentimes writing and producing music to spec. appreciate your interest in licensing music for your needs. 

On behalf of myself and co-writer Smooth Jazz artist Funkee Boy we appreciate your interest in licensing music for your needs. 

All songs are 100% owned, controlled and administered by us and are therefore PRE-CLEARED for IMMEDIATE use, this includes the publishing and master recording usage rights.

In addition the songs below have NOT been registered under any re-title licensing libraries and cannot be found on any royalty free sites.  in order to ensure that filling out cue sheets and subsequent tracking is stress free and accurate

Should you wish to hear more, or for more information on licensing music for you needs, please feel free to inquire at the contact below. Continued blessings, Leila

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