From the recording Soul Ascension

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Did you hear about the man whose named JUAN MANN
started a campaign of hugs across this land
got arrested but 10,000 people strong
stood beside him hugging strangers all day long
A little boy of 6 years old once had a plan
to help the children and bring water to a land
and he raised thousands upon thousands by himself
look him up online the name is RYANS’ WELL
Don’t Listen to the news you hear on your TV
don’t listen to the voice of fear and misery
pay attention there’s so much love
that we don’t get to see
I believe in you and me and humanity
(verse 2)
Two men chose to start a homeless soccer league
to feed the souls of those forgotten on the streets
a world cup indie film but yet
to hear about it gotta google KICKIN’ IT
Steven and Elaine left all that they knew
rescued animals disabled by abuse
started ROLLING DOG RANCH where their lives they give
through that love these precious creatures get to live
(chorus 2x)
Did you know our thoughts can heal?
those whose cancers’ disappeared?
time to question all we hear
turn illusions on their ear