1. Smile

From the recording Soul Ascension

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ever notice...what we don’t notice in our lives
within the smallest victories a chance to find tranquility
they...slip by
and in our quest for something more
the what I have’s slip out the door
the what I don’ts then flood the mind
but miracles are there to find
An ice cream cone in the hot summer sun
I catch the drips in time before they run
and I Smile..
a feeling of complete accomplishment
without the need for their acknowledgement..I smile
ever notice the imperfections are just perfect?
it means no one is anymore
than me or you...or the guy next door
it’s so obvious
a long day coming to an end
a greeting from your furry friend
and choosing the I knew you could’s
instead of all the think you should’s
(repeat chorus) (chorus 2)
the perfect pair of jeans the perfect size
are waiting there for me before my eyes
I smile, when I’m at peace with all I see and do
but doing nothings just the thing to do...I smile
(bridge) a sparkly macaroni card
pasted together by the hands of a child
a concert in an open field in perfect weather
with the one by your side