1. Better

From the recording Soul Ascension

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Ever notice how we cringe when we’re watching tv
all we see is violence from news we can’t conceive
yet they all want peace by waging war
it makes no sense to me
if this is all we have to live for then we must believe
We can do it Better
If we learn if we reach if we’re strong
we can do it better
if we trust... open up stand as one
we can do it better if we try just one more time
we can survive...we can do it better
we need to grow from all we know
to make it right
all of us reaching for some others’ teachings in our lives
we look to the great ones
but all of the wisdom’s in you and I
the pain of a nation...false limitations keep us weak
but there’s nothing we can’t overcome...create or be
(chorus 2)
we can do it better
if we seek...if we reach deep inside
if we trust open up live as one
we can do it better
when the masks and the judgements fall aside...
we can do it better if we see with our hearts
and not our eyes
far beyond skin...far beyond land
there is a song I understand
of passion and fear..laughter and tears
it is a song we’re meant to hear...
can you hear the song...the song of love?