1. She Played

From the recording Soul Ascension

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Let me tell you about a girl imprisoned in a world
of pain and poverty where complacency’s a skin
a defense mechanism that she refused to wear and she
she played she played she played...
ooh she played
she held the answers in her fingers
she played she played she played...
ooh she played
(verse 2)
Saw the world with her guitar didn’t have to go that far
she believed in her divinity played until her hands were raw, till she touched the face of God
she’d go there in her dreams
...she played
(repeat chorus)
(verse 3)
She knew that conformity meant she’d join the misery
all she had to do was look around
these were more than nylon strings
this was hope on angel wings
an open door would swing if she just played
(chorus 2x) (bridge)
she’s the courage of the single mother
trying to raise her child
the persistence of the man who knows
he has to walk a mile
the underdog...the immigrant
who held onto a dream
the integrity and strength that lives
in you and me...
(change) she knew be realistic
is another way to say you’ll end up a statistic
it’s always been this way
but she was not defined by those outside herself
it didn’t make any sense to keep her heart on the fence
and so she played