1. Woman Thing

From the recording Soul Ascension

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Why do I feel afraid
where are these voices coming from
why do I feel alone...
in a room full of people standing around
and though I make a sound my voice is trembling
as it tries to speak...as it tries to share
what my heart holds there
and then I wonder
If it’s only me or just a Woman Thing
why do I feel so high
there are days when I’m on top of the world
then suddenly I feel low
and I feel like I have nowhere to go
and I need to know...my life has meaning
and I want to give
and I want to share
bring my gifts to bear
and stand in wonder
at the sight of me... this blessed woman thing
I’m the daughter I’m the child who has something left to proove, I’m the girl still running wild
who has nothing left to loose
I’m the mother...wondering, what her legacy will bring
I am every girl who wants to shine
and let her soul take flight
why do I feel the call
to keep searching for my treasures at all
why do I walk this line, one foot in my fears
the other it climbs, mountains so divine
made of my greatest strengths...and my greatest joys
and my shining wins, and a shining voice
made of leadership and intelligence...I Shine
I shine with many wonders
pouring all through me this crazy woman thing