1. Beauty

From the recording Soul Ascension

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I believed I’d find brighter tomorrows
I believed the grass was greener on the other side
but I was too busy chasing rainbows
to understand that what I wanted
was right before my eyes
you were the first love of my life
the friend that kept me strong
blessed with words nobody heard
and sweet melodies
thank you for leading me to you
choosing my soul to channel through
for what I sing, music you bring
Beauty to my life
I was blinded by my desires
I was blinded by my need to reach for shining lights
but now I’ve come to know
the things that matter, is to have love, faith and music
the beauty of life
(repeat chorus)
and on the way I came face to face
with those that wouldn’t take a chance on me
and it still hurts, but look at me now
i’ll honor you and share you with the world