1. That's Love

From the recording Soul Ascension

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A group of strangers building homes
giving a chance
to those they barely know
and a child saving pennies in a jar
cause he knows in Africa
they’ll go far
That’s Love...it conquers all
what makes a flower grow...a bird take flight
a river flow and tears fall for those whose pain we see
give a helping hand to a homeless man
turn a hardened heart
to a brand new start
the answer’s love it conquers all
The Jones adopt their foster child
although they know his wounds
will surely take awhile
and like Rosa Parks through adversity
they know nations were changed
because she believed...that’s love
it conquers all
(chorus) (bridge)
that’s love...the teacher who believes
in the prodigy yet to be seen
that’s love...a doctor becomes
the bridge for those who cannot reach
that’s love...it’s in the lover, in a beggar, a dancer
a painting, a song...and everything in between
(chorus 2x)