1. Sexy Saxophone

From the recording Soul Ascension

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By the fire’s amber glow my imagination grows
there’s a sweet caress from an alto’s kiss
and the tenor grooves me low
I feel the passion through the lips
it takes me to a high
like cinnamon
sprinkled on my skin
it’s hotter than July
The warmth...the vibe...the sound, so right
it brings me to my knees
and I crave the tone of that naughty soul
from a Sexy Saxophone
I oohh...I sigh
so smooth...so tight
the notes can undress me
sipping chardonnay
makes me wanna play, that sexy saxophone
and I ooh...aah...
heart...stops, gently it penetrates within
merging with my soul till it’s hard to know
where I stop and it begins
swept away with every riff
it’s my sensual escape
tingles on my neck, have to catch my breath
when I hear it play
(repeat chorus)
sophisticated elegance
a rapture so sublime
it’s a blessing meant for everyone
but in this moment mine