1. Song For You

From the recording Soul Ascension

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I was the girl...
who tinkered on her toy piano, listening
remembering the angels whispered
you’ll go on and sing but when you get there you’ll
forget what you always knew
I was the girl...
one foot in her heart, the other in her head
alone on playgrounds singing to imaginary friends
what was I here to do
maybe to sing for you?
This is a Song For You
to those who sit and listen to my thoughts
and me carrying on
this is a song for you, though you might think
you’re simply sitting there
you’re unaware, your presence gives me space
you give me room to soar
you lead me to the gates of dreams I held long before
I’ve been waiting...
I’ve waited for you
I am the girl...
beautiful at times at others what a mess
serving up my soul through song
and this is me undressed
so much more than a song
a moment where joy grows strong
(repeat chorus)
there are times I’d give in
when I’d wonder what’s the use in trying
oh but I know...that each time I step in front you
it’s a blessing, a gift that keeps on giving
as you lift my heart for just another day
(repeat chorus)