From the recording Soul Ascension

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Am I unfocused or creative
bound to drift or just inventive
difficult or visionary
is he a dreamer or a leader
out to lunch or a believer
indecisive or selective
I’ve decided to change my perspective
a glass Half Empty is equally filled in
we can do it wrong and get it right
we can fall behind end up on time
ooh aah
I’m being thickheaded
ooh aah i’m being authentic
are we just hopeless or just human
lazy or just disillusioned
is our best not what we’re doin
and maybe we’re coming together
things are bad, some things are better
and she’s not late she’s just now bloomin
(repeat chorus)
and it’s in our imperfections that we get to breathe
maybe It’s my misconceptions...all up to me
I won’t go there
(tag) Is it half it half full