1. Open Letter

From the recording Soul Ascension

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You look the other way you dare not see his face
he’s holding hands with another man
he acts so feminine
that’s not what’s threatening
our greatest wound is our intolerance
What if we could rise above our ideology
what if a gay man could cross our path and not be
such a threat to our identity
what if he helps us face the fear we sow...
what if his presence heals us more than we know
this is my heart...Open Letter to the world
you wave your flags with pride the glory in your eyes but aren’t we more than geographic lines?
and as we sing God bless remember all the rest
think like God not a president
what if all you leaders became a little humble
ruled by your hearts and let your ego needs crumble
...would that threaten your security?
What if we could look inside the face of a nation
Black. Indian. Caucasian or Asian
and see divinity not politically
(rap)(bridge) and yeah that sexy lady
over there on the pole on the floor with legs
from here to there did you know that
she’s a daughter? know that she’s a mother?
wounded caterpillar trying to emerge a scholar?
Yea that dirty man on the street with a different
name for God and his religious beliefs
did you know that he’s a brother...that he’s
a father? we don’t have to like it
but let’s not condemn eachother...dear world