"Leila's singing prowress can stir your emotions.  Leila effectively communicates
a strong message in a very serene; classy and empowering way
 that makes you realize how music can truly affect you in a positive sense
Leila is indeed one of those artists with substance who sings songs that have soul"- more
-Stig Media Magazine- 

Hello fans and friends! I am blessed to have crossed paths with you. Your purchase includes the download of a 21-track album, a puppy and a beverage of choice PLUS my heartfelt gratitude! lol Thank you for supporting my music and purchasing directly from me! Peace...Love and all manner of "fuzzy, warm, smile inducing things"! Sincerely, Leila.....

Of Life

Of Life


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A warm, seductive fusion of Soul, Brazilian Rhythms, R&B & Pop with Latin Spice such as Spanish Flamenco Guitar and Latin percussion.

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Fan Love!

I'm waiting for Leila's 2nd CD

author: Wilfredo Lama Medina
I am waiting for the next CD that Leila will release because I'm sure it will be as excellent as her first one. When I introduce her music to my friends and relatives I got just Wows! Soooo good! Wonderful! and expressions like that. Congratulations Leila, you are the best!

I've been listening to all the songs over and over.

author: Frank Sisco
What a great mix of songs! The first time I listened, I played the entire CD and read all the lyrics - lots of insights and positive messages. Gorgeous rhythms and textures. Flawless singing. The next time I played it twice through during a long car trip, and got I hooked on Leila's singing, the instrumentation and the songs themselves. Been humming the songs as they continue playing in my head. Highly recommend this CD.

Pure Bliss

author: Talent Headhunters
You won't be disappointed by Leila's smooth, latin/R&B groove. This is a must for lovers. Why hasn't the rest of America discovered this dynamo of a star? We downloaded several songs, and knew we had to have more, so we ordered her full CD.

Velvety voice, profound words and warm, smooth vibe!

author: Alyssa
This is an AMAZING CD! It is so soulful and yet deeply poetic. I cried, I grooved and It made me reflect on life. Leila's words are truly inspiring and her voice is like velvet! I can't believe this is indie music. Thank you Leila for sharing your talent with me and thank you CD baby for having such a great site that gives us music fans a chance to discover something new!

Catch a ride to paradise...grab the first note Leila breathes and fly

author: Micky Sue Chan
From the first time I listened to Leila sing I had a strange sensation that this was somewhere I'd gone before, and yet, fresh, absolutely fresh in my experience. The paradox is this: Familiar, yet stimulating! This CD is now one of my all-time favorites! Music lovers everywhere, don't miss this one!

lyrical depth, compelling messages and sexy vocals

author: arianna
Truly an awesome CD! I didn't buy it off this site (I wish I did) but when I found out that I could review Leila I could not pass up the opportunity to do so! This Cd is truly amazing it mixes R&B, Latin and Soul elements with an amazing delivery and deep meaningful lyrics that inspire and provoke! Something for everyone, poetic ballads, inspiring messages and plain old feel good rhythms. I can't say enough good things about it!!

Absolutely beautiful voice!

author: Lisa
This CD surprised me...in a good way! This is my first exposure to Leila and because of this cd, I will be listening to her a lot more. Incredible melodies. Her voice is gorgeous. I highly recommend


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