Soul Ascension

 Soul Ascension - 21 song double disk release from recording artist Leila  

Listen Don't Listen makes the TOP 50
Mediabase American MUSIC CHARTS
alongside ADELE, BRUNO MARS and SADE!
Soul Ascension featuring:

Grammy award winning
   producer K.C. PORTER 
* Saxophone/Smooth Jazz
* World renowned flamenco
   guitarist ROMERO
* Smooth jazz artist FUNKEE BOY

Latest NEWS

21 Songs from my heart to YOURS

(No title) 

"Local Artist Makes It Sound Doubly Good" 
"Soul Ascension" follows an introspective songwriting journey
 that not only crosses cultures,but offers spritually healing words
and positive messages"

Soul Ascension - 21 song double disk release from recording artist Leila


My Inspiration

Because children are born every minute...untainted...
I write.

Because somewhere right now, someone is giving a hug
reaching out to someone in need and giving of themselves, I write.

Because your furry friend will greet you at the door
 with unconditional love...
and so I write.

Because musicians heal with songs
writers heal with words
mothers heal with love
and there is plenty of love unreported by our media existing nonetheless...
and because YOU are needed in someones life and we ALL share heartache and joy, 
more alike
than we were ever different...
THESE become the words.

There are still many reasons to laugh, love and have hope
I am grateful for your ears,
your time...
the space you provide for my music to dwell.
I am grateful to be writing for you.  Be blessed wherever you are...




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